Why PBM Solutions?

PBMs can be complicated for many companies, benefits consultants and healthcare organizations. Typical issues with PBMs include:

  • Lack of pricing transparency
  • Lack of flexibility in plan design
  • Insufficient reporting

All of these factors contribute to higher pharmacy benefit costs for employees and employers. With the rising cost of pharmaceuticals and a complex industry, it is the time to find a partner who can help navigate you through the present challenges brought upon your company and clients by PBMs.

As healthcare cost rises and pharmacy healthcare cost per person (predicted to rise above 17% of your total healthcare dollar), you need a partner that understands this industry and has your company’s best intentions in mind when it comes to pharmacy benefits. If you currently do not have an expert in this field monitoring your pharmacy benefits plan, you are missing out on potential healthcare cost savings for your company.

PBM Solutions continues to be the innovative solution that numerous companies and benefits consultants are partnering with in order to take back control of their pharmacy benefit health spend.

As healthcare cost rises and pharmacy cost per person rises, you need a partner that understands the industry and is aligned with your company’s goals, and can guide your path to pharmacy expense savings.  Do you have a strategic partner whose goals are aligned with your company’s goals?  If not, let’s have a conversation soon to start the process of getting you on track to cost containment of your pharmacy benefits.